Jeroen Makkink


Jeroen Makkink graduated in 2006 as an architect at Delft University. He had previously completed his Bachelors degree and Poly Technical School where he had been working as a carpenter on site. Jeroen worked for Van Sambeek & Van Veen, Sluijmer & Van Leeuwen and Ex-Interiors. In 2014 he started Makkink architectuurstudio in the same office as the EVA firm.  By inspiring, complementing and challenging each other a further cooperation commenced naturally.

To Jeroen architecture is like solving a puzzle. It’s the art of arranging functionality, light, building technique and other factors in such way that a consistent beauty arises in an efficient constructible way. “And when that’s accomplished it all feels so natural as if the puzzle have never been”.

Jeroen also likes drumming, guitar playing and besides that he’s our music encyclopedia.