Daniel Biesheuvel


Graduated in 2003 at the TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) where his graduation project was selected for the Archiprix. He received an honourable mention at the Jonge Architectenprijsvraag (Young Architects Competition) BNA 2006. Subsequently, he worked inter alia at Jorissen Simonetti architecten and took part in Het Experiment, a postgraduate training programme organised by the Rijksbouwmeester (Chief Government Architect).

For Daniël an architect has a special feeling for nuance, for the intangible factors of a design or place. Although he likes to explore architecture at a ‘higher level’, he does not ignore the fact that a building actually has to be built. At this interface, where makeability and conceptual innovation of a design meet, the most beautiful buildings are designed. Daniël has three children, likes to read good-sized books and keeps wondering why a week does not have 8 days.