We love our small projects just as much as the bigger ones: In Houten we transformed an entrance hall into a little chapel, using wood, copper and concrete.


For the city of Amsterdam we worked in collaboration with Urbanext on the Sluisbuurt area. In this high rise district we checked the possibilities and conditions of the urban plan.

Metaglas Magazine

Nice publication about Villa IJsselzig in the Metaglas magazine. And online of course:

pics of Villa IJsselzig

Pictures of Villa IJsselzig by Sebastian van Damme are ready. Maximized view on the river and a modest detailling. More pics on the project page!

timelapse curve

A timelapse movie was made during the construction of the Curve. You can find it here on the project page: The Client is satisfied and we are proud. Everybody happy!  

No way back

No way back! The (very) old clubhouse of IJsseloever is demolished, we can start construction! check this article in yhe AD (newspaper):

Pics of Drukkerij ready

Ready! The former Print works in Nijmegen converted to a restaurant and offices. Visual art on the facade referring to the former function of the building by Marc Ruygrok. Photo’s: Luuk Kramer. Interior design by NEST. More pics on the project page.


Score! we hebben de selectie gewonnen voor het ontwerp van een multifunctionele accommodatie in Randwijk voor voetbalvereniging EMM Randwijk, dorpshuis Randwijks Hof en schietvereniging de Treffers. Nog geen plaatjes, dus een foto van een mooie lokale steenfabriek. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Score! We won the selection for the design of a multifunctional accomodation in Randwijk for the football club and community centre. No images yet, so a picture of a local brick factory.


Een blik in het EVA hoofdkwartier! Alleen ondersteunt onze site geen 360 graden foto’s, dus daarvoor naar onze Facebook pagina svp! Voor de rest, klik op de foto.. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- A peak inside the EVA headquarters! Only our website doen’t support 360 degree photos, so if you want to check these, check our Facebook page! For the rest: click the photo..