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SO Fier

primary school for special education

The Drukkerij

old print works converted to restaurant and offices

De Piloot

primary school, 36 classroom and a gymnasium voor special education


schapen straat

urban infill in a historical innercity

De curve

office building and parking

MGR. van de wetering

house renovation

Villa Eksterweg

Modest villa with brick and zinc materialisation

villa ijsselstein

contemporary addition in old ribbon development


hockey club IJsselstein

Loft Sixty-Four

Transition of an old workshop into a dwelling

Villa Ijsselzig

copper roofed villa overlooking the river IJssel

Hertme SO Fier The Drukkerij De Piloot schapen straat De curve MGR. van de wetering Villa Eksterweg villa ijsselstein Clubhouse Loft Sixty-Four Villa Ijsselzig